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Form Factor Audio “WOMBIK4″ Mini-Scale (27”) 4-String Electric Bass Guitar


  • Neck – Hard Rock European Maple w/ Wenge Fretboard
  • Body – Wombat Shape Northern European Ash/Ash Top
  • Tuners – SPERZEL Locking Ultralight
  • Bridge – AlBridge Parts Light Weight Duralumin System w/ Bell Bronze Saddles & Extra-Hard Tension, Rattle-Reducing Saddle Springs
  • PickupsAlBridge Parts Custom Hand-Wired Permaloy, Low Impedance
  • Scale Length – 27″
  • Total Length – 37″
  • Strings – Spacing 16.5″, La Bella Custom-Made Shorties


More Information

Be warned, this is not a toy! Don’t let it’s small size fool you…this is a REAL bass with a sound better than many full-sized basses. Big name players like Andrew Gouche, Derrick Murdock and Karel Honasan have been in our shop to try it and all agree that no matter how big your hands might be, they’ll have an easy time running around on this little bass.

With a total Length of just 37″, Scale 27″, string space 16.5″, this little bass packs a huge punch… while also being the easiest bass you’ll ever travel with.

AlBridge Parts – Custom mini lightweight/high-density bridge system w/ Low profile Barrel saddles made from solid Bell Bronze with string saver grooves.

SPERZEL Locking ultralite tuners, La Bella Custom made shorty strings, Wooden, custom made control knobs.

AlBridge  Parts custom wiring Permaloy pickups, Low Impedance but higher outs, almost active bass feeling to get you classic JB sound and punchy Humbucker’s tone. Tone control is Push/Pull for Series/Parallel JB pickups (Parallel is a cleaner, lower-output, hum-canceling single coil tone. The series sound replicates the sound of a single coil (similar-ish to a P bass) but without the hum. It is the traditional strong sound, mid-focused humbucker tone.

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