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Woodcraft Poltava Fuzz with Original Soviet Union Germanium and Silicon Transistors – Natural Wood


This Fuzz based on the old soviet Poltava pedal fuzz scheme with adding bmp tonestack + bias external pot!


More Information

All-Analog Signal Processing, True Bypass footswitch

POLTAVA Fuzz based on the old soviet Union Poltava pedal fuzz schematic with added bmp tonestack + bias external pot!

Poltava Fuzz has 2 NOS Original Soviet union Germanium & 2 Original Soviet Union silicon transistors! Switch -between original & bmp tonestack.

VOLUME – Controls the overall Volume of the pedal. Left is minimum level, right is maximum.

FUZZ – Controls the level of Gain/Fuzz. Left is minimum level, right is maximum.

BIAS – Change different character of sound when turned to the left, gets rude texture, sharp sound.

When turned to the right – more smooth, compressed sound

TONE – Controls the amount of brightness. Left is darker, right is brighter.

TOGGLE – Switch between Big Muff tone stack or original

Power Requirements

No 9V battery slot inside, use external 9v battery plug adapter or regulated 9VDC power supply with Toroidal transformer,

like Electro-Harmonix, Dan-Electro, Boss, Etc…

(5.5 x 2.1 mm plug, wired center-negative)

NOT newest switching power supply

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