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Woodcraft electric guitars AmpMaster 4 Bass short scale 30″ Olive Green Relic


Woodcraft Electric Guitars AmpMaster Bass 30″ Olive Green Relic

Woodcraft Electric Guitars AmpMaster 4 string Bass 30″ Short Scale only 5.8 Lbs, super light

comes with VILLEX GMB Passive Mid-range Booster, NO battery needed

Vintage White Alder Body, Hard Rock Maple Neck with Maple neck and WENGE Fingerboard

“Easy-Wheel” Dual Action Truss Rod and 2 pcs of Double Titanium Reinforcement Rods. All Woodcraft basses utilize Dual Truss Rods “Easy Wheel” truss rod adjustment system made from Titanium to maintain neck stiffness, stability and reduce weight. Easy Wheel allows you to make the adjustment on the spot without special wrenches.

There are a lot of basses on the market with a tendency to have weak neck binding structures due to high string tensions. For this reason, two Titanium rods are applied to all bass guitars.

VILLEX GMB Passive Mid-range Booster, Villex boosters provide up to 7 db true boost. Boost levels may differ depending on pickups on the guitar and amplifier used. As any passive circuit, Villex boosters require high impedance input with impedance = 1Mohm. 3 way mini toggle switch allows treble boost up and deep bottom level boost down.

The Villex boosters give all the benefits of active boosters with no disadvantages of added noise, battery installation and replacement.


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TUSQ NUT: The nut is one of the most important parts of the bass that influences the performance, playability, and tone of the instrument. Depending on the quality of the material, the nut can either improve or degrade the sound. Although the TUSQ nut is more costly and harder to work with, it is considered to deliver more balanced, clearer and smoother tones than brass, corian or other materials.

ACCURATE AND STABLE TUNING: This bass comes with GOTOH/Albridge  light weight tuners. Developed with accurate gear ratios, the machine heads are very reliable in tuning, Albridge

Albridge parts hand wound Split Coil pickup, dual poled noise free, NO 60 cycle Hum.

Custom wiring CTS pots with disk filter capacitor, graphite cavity shielded

Neck plate 6 holes Duralumin, light

BRIDGE: This bass comes with an ALBRIDGE parts Custom Light Weight Duralumin bridge, Air space grade with Bell Bronze saddles and extra-hard tension saddle springs to eliminate annoying parasitic rattles/vibrations coming from other types of bridges. String space 18mm.

Ampmaster neck: Nut size 38.1mm, at 20th fret 60mm

Width under 1st fret 20mm, 12th fret 22.5mm

Fretboard Radius 12”

Fret’s width 2.8mm (0.11”)

Bass Overall length is 40 3/4 in. (1035 mm.), 12 1/4 in. (31.1 cm.) wide at lower bout,

and 1 1/2 in. (3.8 cm.) in depth, measured at the side of the rim. Scale length is 30 in. (762 mm.).

Thank you for buying Woodcraft Electric Guitar product, North Hollywood, California U.S.A. ASBX

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