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Vega-Trem VT1 2 point Glossy Tremolo for Strat guitar


Vega-Trem VT1 Ultra Tremolo 2-Points Glossy

The patented VT system (ES 1119430 U) is based on two basic principles: the adaptation of the bridge dimensions to the existing standard cavity in the ST models and the bridge pivoting system. Adapting the dimensions aims to allow the bridge to freely enter into the cavity of the guitar body by pulling the whammy bar back (tensioning the strings) and requires a redesign of the complete assembly (saddles, plate and block). To optimize the movement of the bridge, the pivotal center of action has been changed by adding a part (fulcrum) that replaced the traditional concept of support on screws, giving more amplitude to that movement. The shape of the point of support of the plate on the fulcrum has also been changed, minimizing friction, which is practically non-existent. The result is a homogeneous action very pleasing to the musical performance totally free of unwanted noises. (It is recommended to use low friction nuts and locking tuners).

“The feel of that tremolo system is pretty slinky and makes it possible to a lot of intuitive intervallic tremolo moves. Cool for Jeff Beck faux slide.” – Dweezil Zappa

“The Vega-Trem is fabulous! What a dynamic tremolo! Made in Spain, this design pulls up or down and never affects the tuning. It has a delicate but springy feel that is just perfect for me. Don’t just think about it, put one on your strat now!” – Adrian Belew

“The VegaTrem VT1 is amazing! You really nailed It, it’s very gratifying, incredibly smooth and musical, and it stays in tune superbly. Bravo!” – Hershel Yatovitz (Lead guitarist, Chris Isaak and Silvertone)


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