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Michael Tobias Design 634-24 25th Year Anniversary 6-String Bass Guitar



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The body is swamp ash. The neck is ash with a white wenge fingerboard. This bass also has special side dot material from Luminlay. The glowing dots can be activated with the LED provided. This bass is delivered with the revolutionary Buzz Feiten Tuning system. This system will show a great improvement in tuning when playing chords and when working with a keyboard and horns. There are several tuners on the market which have the “Feiten Mode” built in. Tuning is normal in every way except the intonation. There is a set up and intonation sheet included with this paperwork.

This bass is 34″ scale with 24 frets. The neck and body are hand finished with an epoxy base coat and catalyzed urethane topcoat. This should make a great feeling and durable finish. Upkeep on the finish is simple. It can be cleaned and polished with any high quality guitar polish. Be sure to oil the fingerboard regularly unless it is lacquered and then you can clean it with any good guitar cleaner/polish.

The new truss rod is a true double acting rod and will adjust in both directions. It is adjustable with the 4 mm Allen wrench supplied with this package.

The strings are MTD stainless steel, .030, .045, .065, .085, .105, and .135x.

The pick-ups and active electronics are custom made by Bartolini. . The controls are: master volume and a pan pot, treble, mid, bass cut and boost, with center click (from neck to bridge). The three position switch selects the mid range cut and boost point. Down is lower mids (250); center is middle (500) and up is upper mids (1000). When the mid pot is at center click, the switch has minimal effect. This eq has 2 batteries and is a +/- 9 volt system. Be especially careful not to change the batteries when the bass is plugged in. There is a trim pot inside the control cavity to adjust the gain.

There is great variety in the settings of the EQ. The basses can be made to sound very traditional by cutting the mids all the way at 1000 and boosting the bass and treble to 10 with the blend pot at center. To me, this is the best slap tone. Boosting the mids at 250, with bass at 10 and treble at 9-10 with the blend pot on the bridge pick up gives the early Bartolini TCT tone. This offers a very percussive finger tone. These are just suggestions. Your tone will vary depending on your rig and technique.

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