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Mesa Boogie Set of 1×12 Thiele Cabinets


Mesa Boogie Set of 1×12 Thiele Cabinets

The Mesa/Boogie Compact 1×12 Thiele Cabinet is a front-mounted, front-ported, closed-back extension cab. The tuned front porting provides exceptional balance across the lows, mids and highs while simultaneously providing additional punch. With mids that breathe and frequencies that shimmer, the Thiele 1×12 Cab is suitable for all styles of music and playing situations. Especially effective anywhere you want to maximize punch, this Thiele cab delivers width and authority without sacrificing frequency range, With Celestion Black Shadow 12 inch Speakers.

Performance Features:

· Front Ported
· Closed Back
· 90 watt each
· Celestion Black Shadow 12 inch Speakers
· 8 Ohm

· Each speaker cabinet is around 34 lbs


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