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Lollar Special S Series® Flat Pole


Lollar Special S Series® Flat Pole

This is a generic picture from the Lollar Website – please do not take this as gospel for what the pickups will look like.

Our Special S pickup offers a higher output Strat® pickup with more drive to break up your amp faster and harder. You’ll get more sustain and compression out of your amp as well as fuller midrange and less glassiness overall, with less quack in positions 2 and 4. Enjoy an impressive array of tones with the Special S.

Avg. DC: Neck 6.7K, Middle 7.1K, and Bridge 7.6K

Need something from Lollar besides what we have listed? Call us or email us. We have too many items from Lollar to list all of them, so we may have what you are looking for!


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