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Form Factor Audio Bi1000 Bass Amplifier w/ Hardcase


  • Form Factor Audio Bi1000 Bass Head w/ Hardcase
    This is the LAST of the available FFA Bi1000s, store demo, sells with full manufacturers warranty.Hand built in California, featuring genuine Neutrik and Amphenol connectors and aerospace-grade chassis materials

    comes with bonus – Carry case

    With 1000 REAL watts under the hood at 4Ω, the Bi1000 delivers tone and power that’s an order of magnitude above anything else. This compact, lightweight bass amp delivers a strong, palpable tone, with a transparent pre-amp that lets the instrument be heard, without any added coloration.

    As with the Bi500, the Bi1000 has our state of the art pre-amp, which was designed from the ground up to deliver clarity, response time and incredible tone with complete control over the sound.

    The Bi1000 allows you hear the instrument the way it was meant to be heard, by magnifying the characteristics the luthier intended the instrument to have.

    The Bi1000 is high-end enough to be precious with, but tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of years of shows and rehearsals.


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