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Bartolini MCT-500 Mid Boost Module for TCT family – 500Hz


From Bartolini:

Add mid boost to your TCT family EQ preamp

The TCT Family EQ Preamp modules can be mixed and matched with MCT mid boost modules for different mid boost frequencies. The MCT modules provide additional treble boost as well.
TCT Family preamps provide bass and treble bands that can be boosted or cut. The mid band can be narrow notch cut only, so we think of it as a 2 ½ band EQ. An MCT mid boost module can be added for boost and cut of the mid for full 3-band control.
Like all of our electronics modules, the MCTs are internally shielded to reject electromagnetic noise. Bartolini set the standard of fully sealing the sensitive electronics. We use professional double tin plated pure copper wire with durable semi-rigid insulation. This ensures the 4” pre-stripped wires don’t flop around in the cavity and the wires don’t cut through the insulation over time.
The TCT Family is a vintage, complex design with a limited yet loyal following. Most musicians prefer the ease and flexibility of our more recent products.

Module Size:
1.05″ [26.7mm] Long,
0.79″ [20.1mm] Wide,
0.43″ [10.9mm] Thick
Operating Voltage:
Not applicable – to be used with a TCT or XTCT EQ Preamp
Frequency Response:
  • The TCT family of preamps has native mid cut. The MCT-500 lets you add mid frequency boost at 500Hz.
  • Mid Response: +16dB@500Hz


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