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Ashen “Revibe” Tube Reverb & Harmonic Vibrato/Tremolo Head


  • Footswitch – Yes
  • 1-Input
  • 1-Channel
  • 4 x 6N17B double triode miniature tubes (equivalent to 6021)
  • Controls: Speed, Depth, Level, Reverb, Mix (Blend)
  • Dimensions: 8-1/2” H x 15-5/8” W x 7-1/2” D
  • Weight: 12 lbs


More Information

You have the luxury to create your signature unique effects using this unit. Ashen “Revibe” tube reverb and harmonic vibrato circuits were inspired by the famous vintage Fender’s effects and then twisted in our own unique way. The Revibe is the USA hand-made, tube-driven unit that combines two most famous effects in the same custom-built unique box made of the kind of wood of your choice! Also, you can choose a short or long reverb tank.

The first part of the Revibe unit focuses on the most complex and sought after true luxurious vibrato effect. Known as “harmonic vibrato,” this circuit was only available in a few of Fender’s larger Brownface amps between 1960-63 and has a deep pulse that deserves similarities to a Leslie or Magnatone vibrato sound (not to mention a univibe). The harmonic vibrato gives you the vibrant and three-dimensional sound that’s unlike anything that’s come before or since. There are two knobs to control the Vibrato section: Speed and Depth of the effect.

The second part of the Revibe is a tube-driven Reverb section, with a full-size spring tank and one control knob: The Reverb knob gives you a smooth gradient between a completely dry signal, all the way to 100% saturated reverb giving you the most apparent and lush effect.

Then you have two more knobs on the unit: Level – controls the sound level of the effect and the Mix knob controls the amount of both effects that blend into the dry guitar signal.

We invested a lot of time and passion designing and creating this very unique gear and we hope you can appreciate its beauty. You will own a unique professionally designed and handcrafted product that deserves to be a collection piece. We hope you will feel all our love and devotion that we invest in every item we’ve built.

We provide you with a 3-year limited warranty. In the unfortunate case, if you’ll have any problems with the amp, you will pay only for the two-way shipping, and we’ll take care of the rest – parts and labor are on us.

The majority of our married customers mentioned that their wives love to have the equipment we’ve built in their living rooms. They also like the sound that they hear.

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