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Ashen “Bass Lunch Box” 500 Watts BG -500 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head


Ashen “Zeus” 500 Watts Bass Guitar Amplifier Head Emerald, we just got a cool name from our bass customers, they call it “Bass Lunch Box”.

We’re glad to introduce our NEW product, Ashen “Zeus” 500 Watts Bass Guitar Amplifier Head Emerald. Order your Zeus 500 and select the shell for it built, succeeding your choice in design and wood selection.

The lead time is around two months.

You’ll have a high-quality class D power amplifier designed following our preferences and specifications and made specifically for us by a Ukrainian company. Class D technology delivers an impressive 400 Watts at 8 Ohms and 500 watts at 4 ohms.

Initially, the chassis was designed for use in a combo configuration and 8 Ohms of Impedance for internal speakers. However, we decided to build a more portable product that you can use with your favorite speaker cabinet. So, in this case, it’s possible to use the amplifier at 4 ohms load and have a total of 500 Watts of power.

It has a high-grade built-in preamp with five knobs to control Presence, Blend (Mid Scoop), Treble, Bass, and Level, so you’ll be able to get the tone you need; you have one Input, a balanced XLR Line Output. Locking SpeakON output provides the maximum stage stability.

Our “Zeus” will give bass players plenty of horsepower for the stage, enclosed in a compact custom handmade shell that’s easy to carry around and looks fantastic.

We built the enclosure for the amplifier of solid curly maple and colored it with our custom mixed dye. You can order a matching speaker cabinet for a custom bass rig; the price will depend on the cabinet’s size and configuration.

Ashen “Zeus” Emerald Amplifier Specifications:
Amplifier: Class D
Power Handling: 400 Watts@ 8 Ohms, 500 Watts@4 Ohms
Amplifier Impedance: Min 4 Ohms
Controls: Presence, Blend (Mid Scoop), Treble, Bass, and Level
Input: 1/4” jack connector
Line Output: XLR connector
Speaker Cabinet Output: SpeakOn connector
Cooling System: Top/Bottom Air Vents
Power Source: Standard IEC AC cable
Dimensions: 9-1/4″ H x 13-1/2″ W x 7″ D
Weight: 10 lbs
Made in Ukraine, designed in the USA
The lead time is around two months


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