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Ashen 18 Watt Custom Handmade Guitar Combo Natural Wood – Amp Shop Exclusive


Ashen 18 Watt Custom Handmade Guitar Combo Natural Wood – Amp Shop Exclusive


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Ashen 18 Watt Custom Handmade Guitar Combo Natural Wood – Amp Shop Exclusive

This is a custom-designed handmade tube amplifier with an open back and 12″ speaker. Built to Amp Shop’s custom specifications.

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Simple four-knob control – Volume, High, Low – will help you tune the sound output. The uniqueness of the amplifier is that it’s capable of producing a high-quality wide range of sound, from under 50 Hz to 15 kHz.

We installed a 12″ Celestion Special Design Guitar Speaker. Combined components will give you a great clean sound with warm lows, well-defined mids, and clear highs; however, you’ll have a nice mellow overdrive at the higher Gain settings. This combo is a perfect solution for practicing in your apartment or living room, working in a studio, or for small gigs.

You’ll have the luxury of having an excellent clean sound and the mellow, soft output distortion at the low power and low level, which you can amplify by mic-ing it in the studio or on the stage.

This little guy will surprise you with the amount and quality of the sound you’ll get out of it. You’ll enjoy discovering its potential.

Because we’re humans, not machines, our handmade products may feature some inconsistencies with other similar products or slight and minor flaws. Those are signs that the product wasn’t mass-produced.

We tend to keep the prices of our handmade products as low as possible, keeping in mind the possibility of cosmetic inconsistencies and flaws; however, those flaws do not influence the overall look or proper working condition of the product we built. You confirm that you understand and agree with that by placing the order.

We invested a lot of designing time and labor to create this unique gear, and we hope you can appreciate its beauty. You will own an amazing, professionally designed, handcrafted product that deserves to be a collection piece. We hope you will feel all our love and devotion that we invest in every cabinet we’ve built.

We provide you with a 3-year limited warranty. In the unfortunate case, if you have any problems with the amp, you will pay only for the two-way shipping, and we’ll take care of the rest – parts and labor are on us.

• Class A hand-wired chassis
• One Channel, One Input
• Power Handling MAX: 18 Watts
• Power Tubes: 2 x EL84 vacuum tubes
• Preamp Tubes: 2 x 6N2P-ER vacuum tubes
• Control: Gain, High, Low
• Speaker: 12″ Celestion Ashen Special Design Guitar Speaker
• Dimensions: 15″ H x 15″ W x 8″ Top, 9” bottom D
• Weight: 19 lbs
• Made in the USA

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