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Amp Shop Tweed Standard Hand-Made/Hand-Wired Point-to-Point Guitar Head


  • 2 6L6 Power Tubes.
  • 2 Dual Triode Pre Amp Tubes (12AX7 )
  • 25-30 Watts of Class A Output Power
  • Solid Pine Cabinetry
  • Normal, Bright Inputs
  • Volume Normal, Volume Bright, Tone Controls
  • 16 ohm 1/4″ Speaker Output, optional for 8 Ohm, or Extension 16 Ohm Speaker
  • Weight: 21lbs


More Information

Amp Shop Entire Amp Constructed Completely By Hand and Hand Wired (point to point) in North Hollywood, California, USA
The Tweed Standard amplifier made by Amp Shop, carries one of those great tweed tones with extra headroom, which every guitar player needs for live performance. From the resonance of the lacquered pine cab to the Cathode biased 6L6 power tube section, this amp is truly stunning.
Features include bright and normal channels with their own Volume controls, Master Tone control. Another plus for this amp is that you can use an Extension speaker cabinet **, which increases your amp sound pressure and headroom. If you’re in the market for a tweed reproduction amp that nails the original Fender tones, but offers improvements in construction and a lean on the original ideas, check out this Tweed Standard from Amp Shop.
** Tweed 112 extension cabinet available upon request
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