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Amp Shop Amperor Custom Dual OverDrive Pedal


  • GAIN – Amount of circuit drive
  • VOLUME – Controls effect output
  • TONE – Tone control adds more bite as you turn it up, more gain, and increased low end making it sweet for guitar and bass as well.
  • You can use any 9V 200mA power supply with (-) center negative tip DC jack (Boss, Dunlop, Dan Electro, Pedal Power 2, Strymon, Truetone and similar power supplies).
  • Simply put on the floor, plug 2 cables, 9 Volt power supply and rock!


More Information

Amperor Custom Classic Dual OverDrive Pedal made by Amp Shop, North Hollywood, California, based on Iconic Classic overdrive Sounds.

The AMPEROR is a hand wired, dual channel, op-amp based gain circuit designed to cover medium to high level amp style drive Overdrive.

Inspired by classic sounding overdrives, the AMPEROR has one channel voiced to sound like a cranked Fender amp and the other channel like a cranked Marshall amp.

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