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AlBridge Parts C419 4-String Bridge for Fender Jazz/Precision Bass


The AlBridge Parts C419 Bridge for Fender®** Jazz/P-Bass features outstanding workmanship and materials. If you would like to improve intonation across the whole string set, eliminate misalignment and rattling of the old bridge, and sustain fuller tones on your strings – install this bridge with absolutely no modifications whatsoever to retrofit your American Standard or Vintage Jazz and P-Bass.

By installing this AlBridge on your bass, you will convert it to a real Vintage-like tone. No hi-fi hiss, no thin-sounding high strings, with natural dynamic compression, reverse decay (blooms).


More Information

  • Available Finishes/Colors: Shiny Polished, Satin Black
  • 19mm String Spacing
  • High Density/Lightweight assembly with Low profile Barrel saddles made from solid Bell Bronze with string saver grooves.
  • Durable and precise stainless steel height adjustment screws, carbon hardened metal springs and intonation screws.
  • The strings mount at the front rear or thru body. Intonation and string height are individually adjustable.
  • Included Mounting bridge screws (matching the bridge finish) and a set of allen wrenches.
  • Currently available with shiny saddles OR sandblasted and lacquered saddles (this is done to prevent acidity from your hands from tarnishing the saddles).

**Note: Fender® is a registered trademark of FMIC. AlBridge Parts is not affiliated with FMIC.

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