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AlBridge Parts M20 "MM Style" 4-String Bridge for Sterling, OLP, and Overseas Basses - PRE-ORDER ONLY


AlBridge Parts M20 “MM Style” 4-String Bridge for Sterling, OLP, and Overseas Basses

The AlBridge Parts M20 is a perfect direct replacement for Sterling, OLP and overseas made basses by Music Man. It can also be used as a replacement for Jazz Bass or Precision Bass with mounting hole alterations. Original Music Man basses might need minor mounting hole alterations, as well.


More Information

·    Available Finishes: Satin Black, Shiny Polished

·     High Density/Lightweight assembly with Low profile Barrel saddles made from solid Bell Bronze with string saver grooves.

·     Durable and precise stainless steel height adjustment screws, carbon hardened metal springs and intonation screws.

·     The strings mount at the front rear or thru body. Intonation and string height are individually adjustable.

·     Included Mounting bridge screws (matching the bridge finish) and a set of allen wrenches.

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