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About Us

Valiant Guitars, founded by the experienced Gavrilenko brothers, epitomizes boutique guitar craftsmanship. For over 30 years we have been producing premium boutique guitars for musicians by musicians.

Our luthiers hand-select the finest woods and hardware, playing an integral role from design to finish. Each detail is meticulously optimized to enhance playability, tone, and aesthetics, affirming Valiant’s global reputation for quality and dedication.

Our Philosophy

At Valiant Guitars, our dedication to excellence begins right at the source. Each piece of wood is hand-selected by our seasoned luthiers, ensuring only the finest and most visually appealing tonewoods are chosen. This intricate process takes into account not just the aesthetic allure of the wood but also its dryness, essential for stability and superior tonal quality.

Each instrument undergoes a multi-stage painting and polishing process, infusing every guitar with a distinct personality and sheen. The assembly and adjustment of each instrument are also performed entirely by hand. This meticulous manual approach allows our craftsmen to guarantee precision and maintain the unique character of every guitar.

Our attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship ensure that every Valiant Guitar isn’t just a musical instrument, but a beautifully designed, finely-tuned piece of art, making us a top choice for musicians seeking quality, style, and superior playability worldwide.

Expert Master Craftsmanship

Our luthiers are not just highly qualified and skilled professionals – they’re musicians at heart. With over 30 years of experience, they represent the beating heart and creative force behind Valiant Guitars. Their invaluable expertise far surpasses the importance of tools and machines, making every creation unique.

Quality Sourced Wood

Our Master Luthiers meticulously handpick every piece of lumber we use, guided by our rigorous internal standards. We assess the wood for its aesthetics, dryness, and workability to ensure it meets our exacting criteria.

The Finest Components

We’re committed to sourcing the most superior components for our instruments, aligning our choices with your needs. We believe that Bare Knuckle Pickups are the ideal match for our guitars. Similarly, we’ve chosen GraphTech for their expertise in producing self-lubricated nuts, saddles, string trees, and tuners. Furthermore, we trust Gotoh for their top-quality bridges and tuners, and CTS for their superior potentiometers.

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