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Villex Passive Rotary Tone Booster (PRTB) – SOLD OUT


Villex Passive Rotary Tone Booster (PRTB) – SOLD OUT

Unfortunately, since Mr. Villex passed away (RIP), these items are no longer being made. We were fortunate enough to receive some new old stock items from them.

Boost over three different frequencies.

This unique product is truly passive, yet it offers true boost of three different frequencies at various boost levels. The booster features a rotary switch with 4 positions. These are pass-trhough and three boost levels at 3, 5 and 7 db. The graph on the right shows boost profile obtained with Fender Stratocaster

Ease of use.
Villex rotary tone booster fits all standard 1/4″ guitar knobs (shown with Fender and Stratocaster knobs, knobs not included).

Wiring is straightforward with just three wires (input, output and ground, see wiring diagram in the right column). The booster can be used on both guitars and basses. Stratocaster players can re-wire their guitars to make one of the original tone pots a master control for both pickups, remove the second control and replace it with the Villex rotary tone booster. Fender Jazz basses can be re-wired to install a concentric dual pot, which frees up space for the Villex booster. Easy three step procedures for re-wiring are shown below.

Generic wiring diagram
Wiring diagram for Stratocaster
Wiring diagram for Stratocaster


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