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Rivera Metal Shaman Overdrive Pedal – LIMITED RUN


Rivera Metal Shaman Overdrive Pedal – LIMITED RUN

ATTENTION METAL PLAYERS: The Metal Shaman is back for a limited time! Only 4 in stock.

High Metal overdrive with 3 band EQ, an adjustable Noise Gate, Foot-switchable gain boost, Bottom-end boost and true bypass. Handmade in Burbank, CA.

Voiced for aggression, the Metal Shaman™ provides a more overdriven range of textures than its two siblings. Along with controls for Bass, Mid, High, and Gain, it features a “Brutality” switch for widening the bottom end and creating a bigger “aural picture.”

The Disintegrate footswitch allows an extra jolt of killer gain boost with expanded harmonics, and the Level control sets the overall output. A switch-bypassable noise gate with controls for Sensitivity, and Release tames noise that can accompany bare-knuckled amounts of overdrive and distortion.

  • Brutality switch is a bottom-end boost.
  • Disintegrate is a Gain boost.
  • Noise Gate is by-passable and features Sensitivity and Release knob.
  • True Bypass
  • Dimensions:  4 × 5 × 2.25 in

“It’s very difficult to recreate the power and chunk of a good metal amp in a pedal. Most that I’ve tried create a ton of gain but never achieve the attack, percussiveness, focus that define metal amps. This isn’t the case of the Metal Shaman.”-Premier Guitar May 2011


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